Sunday, July 29, 2012

Serj Tankian's Latest Brings up Awareness of Israeli Apartheid and Palestine

Occupied Tears was released on July 11 by Serj Tankian
The song features director Eric Nazarian’s images of a small child, terrorized by bombs, and running from military tanks.  The lyrics,  include the word “occupy” and show graphic images of the illegal apartheid wall.  The Israelis, with the 6th largest military on the world, and the former victims of the holocaust, have turned into the aggressors as they occupy land, build the horrendous apartheid wall, and terrorize the innocent in Gaza when they test their high tech weaponry on civilians.  

A tour of the land theft wall is something most people have never seen:

Of the song, Tankian writes “We have witnessed Harakiri on a grand scale tearing out the Occupied Tears of victims preyed on by victims turned aggressors creating a Deafening Silence through which we hear a voice plead, "Forget Me Knot, my child.”

The lyrics in the song advocate the two-state solution, a solution that many believe is impossible.  The trend now is for a one-state solution, which is gaining momentum as scholars and demographic experts prove is possible.  

The director of the video, Nazarian, has also worked closely with Palestinian directors Omar Shargawi and Hany Abu-Assad on Do Not Forget Me Istanbul.